Kamis, 26 Mei 2016

Banda Neira, journey through time.

Arrived in Banda Neira in the afternoon using early fast boat from Tulehu Harbour Ambon. After 5 hours, as soon as I stepped out from the Banda Neira harbour, I was directly being picked up by Allan (Vita Guesthouse). No longer than 5 minutes walking, I arrived at Vita. The place was just spot on with all positive recommendations on the internet. It was quiet, clean and it has a big backyard beautifully facing the water and Banda Api volcano.

Tulehu Harbour
Express Bahari fast boat, Economy class.
Vita Guesthouse
Gunung Api view from Vita Guesthouse

There are some parts of Banda Neira where you can find guesthouses, which is more popular than hotels. My advice is to take guesthouse near the traditional market by the water, so you can get on and off the boat after hopping islands easier, no hassle and walk far with your stuffs and also you can find cafes and warung easily at night. Trust me, with packed activities, tummy refill is important.

On the first day I arrived, I only had about 2 hours before dark and it said that the Banda Neira city always sleep early. Didn't want to waste any time, I took a long walk through some historical sites : The Old Church and Belgica Fort. There, I luckily met and join a group of female travellers and shared some itineraries and cute pictures with them.

Banda Breakfast: Nutmeg Jam, Nutmeg Coffee or Nutmeg Tea. Nutmeg has been an important part of Banda life. Although it is small, but it was a big main reason, a dark history started centuries ago.

Belgica Fort, Banda Neira.
Breakfast with nutmeg jam

Second and third day itinerary. Snorkeling trip around Sjahrir Island (was Pisang Island) for a half day and spent the rest of it in Hatta Island (was Rozengain Island).

If you are a person who loves to swim in shallow underwater with colorful corals and plenty of fishes, so Hatta Island is that one place you can not miss in Banda. It has a long wall where you can see bigger fishes like sharks, barracuda and napoleon. This island also happened to be an exile island for Mr. Hatta, Indonesian hero, in colonialism era.

Snorkling arround Pisang Island.
Ready to snorkling
Snorkling near Hatta Island.

My advice will be: stay in Hatta at least for one night or more. I did. I stayed at Neira Dive. Mr. Caesar the owner, only built two humble wooden rooms, just in front of the water. I loved it. I love the food, the people, the cats, the hammock and the sun. You also can walking go arround island and enjoy the view and village.

Activities at Hatta Island
Hatta beach front of resort
Enjoy a lunch.
Rosengain Vitalia guesthouse, our neighbours. Hatta Island.

Fourth day itinerary was to conquer the Banda Api volcano and to visit the old and mystical Banda Besar, Lonthoir Village (Andan Orsia).

My advice to those who want to climb the Banda Api Volcano is to get a local guide, start early like at 4 or 5 in the morning, prepare a good hiking shoes, bring head covers to protect your face and bring water with two bottles at minimum only for you. The main challenge will be a difficult rocky and slippery path and the heat.

After take a break for couple hours, we go to Andan Orsia Lonthoir Village by boat. Banda Besar Island is the biggest island in Banda Islands. I managed to visit some sites : Old Well (Parigi Pusaka), Bleeding Stone (Batu Berdarah), Nutmeg Fields, Cannary Fields and home processing and the beautiful Hollandia Fort.

Heavy trekking
Banda Api Volcano Summit
Enjoy the view
Amazing view from Hollandia Fort

Fifth day itinerary: I was back to visit the water of Ay Island, Nailaka Island and Rhun Island.

Rhun Island, the history of this island captivated my mind. The British traded it to the Dutch for Manhattan Island, Nieau Amsterdam (now New York). And what a big difference it is now between those two islands. Rhun Island is like gone and forgotten, while Manhattan has becoming like one of world's center of money and power.

After my tan lines became more solid, I guess it was about time to tone down a bit and back to Banda Neira to walk again and visit historical sites I haven't visit in the first day. I visited : Banda Neira Museum, Hatta Home Exile, Captain Cole House, VOC Governor General Office and Makatita House.

Last day activity
Our boat, rent from Vita guesthouse
fisherman catch
Ay Island
Rhun Island

On my last night in Banda Neira, I had a chance to have a fine dining dinner in Cilu Bintang Estate. A well recommended resto with a thick colonial ambience, food of asian and western all-you-can-eat dinner with a very affordable price. Too bad I did not take any good picture. But for you to find, the restaurant is just next to Nassau Fort, in front of Belgica Fort. A great closing party!

Dinner at Cilu Bintang Estate. Must try!
Fast boat back to Tulehu, Ambon.
Brand new boat
See you again, Banda Neira!
Photo by Yudhi Prilla, text by Tessa Adhistiningtyas.

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Kamis, 10 April 2014

Raja Ampat trip

raja ampat trip from yudhi prilla on Vimeo.
4 days vacation trip to raja ampat, papua, Indonesia. Hopping island, snorkling and diving all around.
Thanks to all lovely new friends, and thanks boski for his manta footage.

Shoot with Canon 7D (Tokina 11-16mm, Canon 24mm, B+W CPL) and Gopro Hero 3.

music by relaxdaily https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iljPOxZ6Vvg

tag: wayag, raja ampat, papua, indonesia, trip, 7d, gopro hero 3, wisata, timelapse.
  • Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

    Beauty of Bromo

    beauty of bromo from yudhi prilla on Vimeo.

    Great adventure to bromo mountain, indonesia. Enjoy the beauty of bromo.
    Shoot with Canon 7D and Glidecam HD 2000.
    Mostly using Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, and other lens Canon L 24mm f1.4, Canon IS 18-135mm.
    Timelapse shadow of mountain, take photo about 1 hour with interlace 4 sec.

    Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

    Komodo Sailing!!

    Komodo sailing from yudhi prilla on Vimeo.

    Komodo sailing June 2012 with my friends and meet alot new friends there :). It was take 4 days, start from Labuhan Lombok to Gili Bola island, Moyo, Satonda, Gili Laba, Pink Beach, Komodo island, Kalong, Rinca,Kelor and last day at Labuan Bajo harbour.